About Liz

Yes, I'm doing my own get-to-know-the-author portion, is that allowed? (how hilarious, but that's fine). I grew up in Malaysia specifically in a tiny town in Borneo called Sandakan. Had my basic education in that small island and then moved to Philippines, Mindanao ( Cagayan de Oro city) when I was barely 18 years old, the rest is history. Got married to my one and only boyfriend and last year (2015) I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I'm a petite human being who thrives in anything arts (not in everything, of course) specifically in songwriting, singing, musical instruments, drawing (including tattoo art), sketching, decorating, crafts, a little graphic design and dressing up in a stylish fashion hence this blog. I suck at dancing, hideous penmanship and I hate numbers, so that you'll know I'm not that awesome after all. rofl


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