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Liz Fashion House is a freestyle fashion blog designed for women especially mother living in mindanao.  The goal is to encourage mothers who are residing in mindanao to explore fashion, style and beauty by providing ideas such as how to style, what's the right beauty and make up products for asian women and information such as where to shop, latest trends, all they can find in mindanao and Cagayan de Oro City.

Liz the owner and blog's author based in Cagayan de Oro City has been experimenting a few specific niche in fashion. Fortunately, her recent journey being a mom, gave her the idea of including all mothers in Mindanao into her agenda. Her goal is encourage young mommies to continue to respect, love and care for them selves without having to compromise their abilities and qualities as a mother. To end, here's a note from her.

Dear mommies, 
You are an angel to people around you, you make things possible and even magical! The fact that you carried a life inside your body, endured it for 9 {uncomfortable} months plus the labor, is already a mind blowing fact! Then you raise your beautiful children with your own gentle and hardworking hands. Sleepless nights are nothing to you, but there are nights filled with pain, tears, when you tend to shudder from time to time - yet, it made you stronger. You're making your house a home, you multiply the resource your husband provides and a woman after God's own heart. 
So I want you to remember this, you are a beautiful soul. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Treating your self with kindness and respect is okay. And if feeling good is dressing up, wearing make up or coloring your nails, then do it! You deserve all good things and all the joy you can ever have!! <3

A mom and author of Liz Fashion House

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