Friday, May 11, 2018

Summer Hair with Macho Mucho

Haircut with my boys.
Hello people, how are you? If you ask me, I would answer 'I'm still sleepy' for an honest answer (smirk) I guess that's the new 'I'm doing great!' for me. Anyways, the past days has been so humid/hot that it gave me and my boys an idea about getting some haircut. When it comes to haircut, I would encourage them to let Macho Mucho's team to handle their hair. One of the reason why I prefer them to cut their hair at Macho Mucho is because I can get my hair done at the same time and at the same place. I hate going somewhere else or killing time reading magazines while they get their hair done and trust me they feel the same way too when I'm getting one at the other hair salon. As much as possible, they wanted to be around where I am, so I think Macho Mucho's system works perfectly for us.

Macho Mucho
I'm pretty sure that most of you are curious about this barber/salon already so I'll go ahead and post some of the pictures that I grabbed from their facebook page. My pictures are definitely not my current experience with Macho Mucho (obviously with my very preggy tummy haha!) but hopefully on my next visit I'll document my experience again.

Aesthetically on point.
I totally adore stores with good interior design. In my opinion, stores with great interior concept are businesses that are well prepared (same applies with its branding and packaging). The weirdo in me enjoys neat visual presentation, it gives me some sort of peace - so that's second reason to like Macho Mucho. For some it may be a petty reason to consider when it comes to barber/salon store but trust me there's more than meets the eye.

Award-winning brand.
This must be a sponsored post, right? I'm not going to lie - yes, Macho Mucho sponsored one of my visit. Sponsored or no, we love getting our haircut at this award winning barber/salon. Personally, I like how my husband looks like every after his haircut, making him looking so sharp and neat - only an award winning hybrid barber can do that and that's my third reason to like about Macho Mucho. (wink)

Extraordinary service.
Their hair technicians are highly trained individuals otherwise they won't be among the popular barber in Mindanao. Interestingly, they may be the hybrid kind of barber yet their routine is just as amazing as the good old ways. I tell you, nothing is more comforting than a hot towel pressed gently on your face after a razor shave or a satisfying quick massage on your shoulder up to your head after a tedious haircut session. I remember my husband jokingly ask his hair technician to extend his massage time. That's the fourth reason.

Hair done by Sir Choser Etang

From extremely dry hair due to bleaching to this; healthy looking hair with a toned down shade

Wrap up.
So my friends, if you're still trying to figure out about where you are going to get your summer haircut? don't hesitate to visit them anytime. They are located here in Cagayan De Oro city at SM Downtown. They are also on facebook and instagram, check them out!

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