Thursday, April 26, 2018

Life Update With My Second Baby

Successful delivery.
Last year on the month of December 13th, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and we named him Simeon Noah.To be honest, although it was my second time giving birth via vaginal delivery - it was so painful to a point I almost gave in to CS and I think that induce procedure is too much for my body to endure. Anyways, long-story-short; he's out safe and sound. God is good!

Sleep deprived mommy.
Again, I'm not a first time mom so I kind of knew what to expect while having a newborn baby. However, with Noah - it was a little weird to me because if he's not sleeping or feeding; this boy cries all the time unless being carried in a standing position. In fact, even after carrying him and did all the workarounds (that any parents would do) - you name it - we've done it; yet somehow nothing would comfort him. It's the kind of baby cry that will break your heart, it sounded like my baby is in pain every-time he's crying. I also noticed that he'll start crying so hard - around late at night till dawn and the only way to encourage him to sleep is by carrying him in a standing/walking position for not less than 20 minutes time. When I realized that my eldest son have not gone through the same awful experience - I knew it's time to ask the doctor about it.

Acid reflux.
After investigating his symptoms - the doctor diagnosed him with infant GERD, the culprit behind our poor son's discomfort. I was broken upon realizing that he was in pain every after feeding, no wonder he had the kind of sob like he was experiencing some pain. I was glad though when the doctor said that it's normal for babies to experience GERD because they will surely outgrow it. In other words, there's really no quick remedy to it but to wait for his tummy to fully develop. In the mean time, all I can do to help my boy get away from the acid reflux' pain by positioning him upright every after feeding (and burping). This one was no easy task but to comfort myself I always remind myself that it will be over soon which turned out that it's not really the soonest after we discover another problem.

We waited for him to gain some weight but somehow our hope turned into a false hope when we discovered about his tongue-tied problem. Just when I thought his sufferings will end on the third month, here comes another! I am so frustrated with his doctor for not being able to see that during our visits. ugghh, I feel like I'm the worst mom. So here we go again - on his third month, got his tongue-tie clipped and I'm a mess. Another series of sleepless night to retrain his sucking skills and to deal with pain from the operation, uuuggghhhh every night I just wish we could trade places so my poor baby doesn't have to go through another pain. Tomorrow is another date with his new doctor about the progress we're making or whatever, praying that everything gonna be okay.

In my shoe.
It's depressing when I have to deal with inconsiderable people who are quick to judge but no help. Yeah call it a rant, you may skip this part if you want. The kind of people who can see mistakes and flaws so easily (that is one ugly 'talent', I tell you), then they plant negative seeds with unkind words, makes you feel miserable than you already are, etc. I'm here and there meeting the needs/demands of my kids, husband and work but the truth is; I'm like- I'm hustling like a single parent. It's as if I'm not doing enough; I eat, sleep, pee and work with my baby attached to me 24/7 - that alone is already hard work guys...(like) come on, give this lady a break! These losers unfortunately exist among my crowd but thankfully they are outnumbered. I do wish though that if only my mom live a little longer so she could teach me a thing or two about these things and probably will care for me too. If it's not because of my Abba Father, I think I'll give up. Daily meditation and prayers helped me cope up with emotional and physical challenges. Amazing God indeed.

Living by faith.
I fear for the upcoming challenges but worrying about it will only make it worst so this is me living in faith. Oh by the way, I know I owe some people something due to my over-due 'maternal leave' but they say 'this too shall pass' so please bear with me - okay? thank you so much for your patience - (smiley face).

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  1. I will pray for you, Ate Liz. You're doing the best thing all mothers would. I know you can get through this! Miss you! <3


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