Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Blessed Potions: Beauty Care With All Organic-Home-Made Goodies!

I am always a believer of organically-made products since it is not just proven to be effective, it is also the safest option for beauty care. In ancient times, we know that royalties enjoyed bathing in milk or essential oils to keep skin young and beautiful, plus; their remedies and potions are derived from organic substance which we all know works like magic with NO negative side-effects. So given this wisdom, would you still use chemical-based products just because you see them on tv ads? of course not - at least, not me.

Here's my newest recommendation for organic-savvy mommies out there who've been looking for an effective, home-made beauty goodness; introducing Blessed Potions! They are not just offering products for beauty care but also for skin remedies such as rashes, insects bites, stretch marks and more! By all means, I encourage you to go through my favorite items below and maybe after that - try it for yourself. Honestly, how efficient the products can be is not the question but is it really safe to use? Not only that, where else can you find luxurious-organic beauty products that are so budget friendly? definitely not on those imported section at the supermarket. They also have organic goodies for our little ones which I would highly recommend because she's not only the producer/brand owner; she's also a hands-on-mom herself who are pretty much particular with children's wellness.

1. Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Soap
This black soap looks 'intimidating' yet surprisingly, it has been my favorite from Blessed Potions right after using it because somehow it makes my skin looks refreshed and younger. I think this soap could be the brand's dearest product, because users can't help but gave good reviews about it.
2. Dream Cream (anti scar & stretchmarks cream)
The truth is, I am so dependent on lotions to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized due to extreme skin dryness. I used to buy so-called-imported lotions not minding the long term effect to my health. on top of that, I realized that it was such a bad investment! But with this one, not only it helps keep my skin hydrated and healthy but also it helps minimize skin problems such as scars and stretchmarks are one of it. This butter has the yummiest sweet candy smell you'd wish that it's an ice cream!

3. All Purpose Relief Stick
In my opinion, this is like every mommies' must have for their kids. You name it - insect bites, diaper rashes, any skin discomfort; just roll it unto the affected areas to sooth and for healing. When my son had skin rashes all over his diaper areas, it was always a nightmare to us - husband and wife. Now whenever he'll experience skin rashes, insects bites, etc - he'll ask "mommy, medicine..." referring to this relief stick - it is funny because even a little toddler could tell the difference!

4. Protectus Insect Repellent
My husband is prone to getting mosquitoes bites because according to science it has something to do with his blood, my son also inherit the same blood type. With that, we make sure the house is always ready with bug sprays and insect repellent but what we regretfully realized is that; these stuff actually contain harmful chemicals - absolutely dangerous to kids. So, sometimes we would invest on natural but expensive remedy to this problem. Thankfully, everything is in control now with Protectus - No negative side effects, affordable option and the smell is very therapeutic too!

5. chamomile soap and coconut milk soap

6. Essential Oil

How To Buy From Blessed Potions?
These are just a few of the products you can get from Blessed Potions. You may check the rest of it HERE or visit her online store at SHOPEE. I find it an ideal passion to support local entrepreneurs (advocates of organic and natural products) to be successful because somehow we are not just helping the business owners but also help boost the country's economy, help minimize all types of pollution, putting animal cruelty to an end, and more positive impacts you can name.

To end, I hope you find this helpful towards your beauty and wellness journey and please do let me know on the comment section if you've already been using Blessed Potions products. :) ♥

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