Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Spot An Urban Mom?

WARNING: article may contain 'generalizing' -like opinions that will irritate haters but chill people, this is the kind of article that you should read with a cheerful heart. I mean, relax... don't take it seriously bae, because seriously this is just for fun!

Nope, it's not Mothers' Day. moving on...
Sincerely - as a mommy myself, my empathy towards other fellow mommies is genuine. Whenever I get the chance to listen about their sacrifices, diligence, struggles and victorious journey - it warms my heart, every single time. If you ask me, (yet merely basing from my own observation) I can actually see that modern mothers have different challenges that not every mothers of older generations can relate to. Therefore, allow me to create a simple yet a creative entry - tribute to all loving, amazing urban mothers of today's generation.

Who is this pokemon?
Being that 'urban mom' has nothing to do with her professional career life, how much she's earning, she could be a lady working in a corporate world (or not), a businesswoman, a stay-at-home or a work-at-home-mom, anything. Although basically, she's living in an 'urban jungle'; they are also classified as the millennials (sometimes generation X). Most importantly, she's that 'hands-on' modern woman when it comes to raising her children despite the modern life's demands and challenges. (and again) the characteristics mentioned are just the basics - to know more, below are the rest sets of qualities of an urban mom (inspired from my own creativity' *smirk )

Advocacies Junky
This junky you are dealing with is typically an educated, independent woman. She's capable of rationalizing stuff, better decision maker, loves good causes and that is why her 'advocacies basket' always runs out of space. To give you an idea, let me quickly go through some of it - there's a group composed of nursing moms that supports each other with their breastfeeding venture, while there's one with formula feeding moms. Another group about baby-wearing, natural birth advocates, cloth diaper movement and more.

Cynical bae
Maybe you've always known her as a gentle, considerate, kind-hearted woman (or she really is - genuinely) however, you'll be surprised that at one point she'll consider your un solicit advices as something very annoying or even insulting. She gets cynical and you can't blame her because 'mom shaming' is real deal. Maybe her 'ways' is different from yours - well, as long as it will not harm anybody then try hard to keep your 'reasonable' opinion away from the mean time. Don't even dare 'advising' her like you are perfect and she's a mess - you'll might get into trouble, burning bridges, etc.  lol So, my advice would be - play safe with this woman. No worries, soon enough ( if you're lucky and when she's extremely desperate) she will directly approach you for advice. lol

Critical bae
She did her homework, she knows where to stand at every aspects of child rearing and as a matter of fact - convinced that her strategies are workable / effective for her and kids. In other words, she already spent hundreds of hours-online: researching, reading parenting articles/memes, not to mention forums engagements: instead of asking her mom's opinion, She realized that it's her right to raise her kids with her own ways and terms. Well, when I say 'strategies of  raising her kids' that includes her children's physical, emotional and mental approach. So, when she says - "don't give my kids M&Ms!" you better not- because she means business.

Priorities Shift
Weird shift of priorities in a sense that her interest on stuff or basis when shopping will mainly benefit her offspring. She now - appreciates good inventions/stuff that will make her life easier, like you'll be surprised to know that she actually would prefer that amazing innovative baby bag more than a Gucci. That is no joke! and when essential oils matters than owning more perfumes, child proofing the house is top priority than interior design or when getting sleep is desirable more than sex! hahaha! (the list goes on...)

In God she trust but trusts no baby-sitters!
She usually lives separately from her parents, opposite from what traditional norms suggests. As much as possible, she wanted to build and care for her family independently without the help of her mom because she's the idealistic type. We all know there's a (maybe a few) downside(s) to it. For one, basically she can't possibly go anywhere without tagging her tots along. When asking for parent(s) help might be the only option, she worry that it will only burden them. So sometimes, she would hire a nanny / a baby-sitter but never trusts them! A supposedly - few hours movie date with her partner will probably end up doing groceries done less than an hour. lol true story!

Tell me your opinion!
So, what do you think? can you recall anybody with these qualities or were you able to identify yourself as an 'urban mom' yourself? Let me know at the comment section if there's anything I need to add. If you enjoyed going through my theory of an 'urban mom' please do share this article to fellow mommies who will also enjoy reading my work. Love and peace to all of us, cheers to modern motherhood!

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  1. Well, I claim it.. I am an Priorities Shift slash Critical bae type of an Urban Mom! Haha! My Number one priority is the well being of my children and no one can dictate me what is right and what is not cause i always do my research. My children, My rules! As they say... ���� salute to all Mothers!

  2. Love the a full time mom i know what is right to my one can teach me about taking care of my kids as long as my kids are healthy.

  3. Being a full time mom.. is so hard.. discarte there discarte here... love love the blog...

  4. Heheehehe. This is really for fun! You nailed it mommy! An urban MoMS nowadays! We all have ways to raise our children but at least ,respect each other's side. This is cool! Just, informative! Thanks for this article mommy!

  5. Worth reading.Good thoughts about motherhood...More power to all mommies out there...

  6. Nice article mommy l... i am the kind of mom the last thing you mentioned... different kinds of moms... different ways of raising our kids but one thing's for sure all our different ways will be for the best of our children


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