Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Howdy Lovelies? Hope you guys are having a pleasant day. wheeeww!!!  I'm so thrilled about doing this giveaways thing (after so-so-many delays which I rather not to discuss it here) lol. I just want to let you know that last July, it was my Liz Fashion House' 3rd year anniversary. So I thought, it would be nice to just pay it forward, nothing fancy but something that could cheer up my followers abit. I want to give my Instagram and facebook page a little love by focusing the mechanics on that social media platforms, so get your IG and FB accounts ready for this one. yay!

I'm also thankful for so many reasons which I'll discuss it abit below ⇩ ⇩ ⇩. However, if you wanna skip the 'mushy' part, go straight to 'Giveaways Mechanics'.

Thankful Items.
  1. Liz Fashion House has been up on that world wide web for 3 years. Originally, Liz Fashion House was only a subject of my 'experimental purposes' blog, which only then I realized that I am actually 'into' this niche when I decided to give my readers - quality articles (because they deserve it ♥). Well, to be honest at first I thought I would only last for a year with this one. 
  2. Through God's grace, goodness and faithfulness; I was able to raise a healthy and beautiful toddler. Never been so exhausted or stressed out in my whole life after having him but ironically at the same time he's the only creature who could make me smile even at my downest time. He's my daily dose of happiness, Thank you Jesus for this blessing ❤
  3. Freedom of doing things I love doing. I know the word 'freedom' isn't popular (except for kids with strict parents, maybe? no idea.) but I grew up in a place where my opportunities and freedom are limited because of my citizenship status. Today I'm thankful I'm here and there's future ahead of me, I'm talking about the bright ones! If you think your life sucks, please don't be - people with less freedom sucks more, believe me - I've been there.
So yeah, that's basically what this giveaway is all about. Gee, that was not short, sorry folks! rofl

Giveaways Mechanics.
Without further a-do, let's move on to the prizes. I call it ' Parfois Giveaways' simply because all of the adorable prizes are from Parfois, my favorite boutique.Win one of these beaut with just a few simple steps, you can join my giveaways using either IG or FB. Now, how about joining the giveaways with both fb and ig accounts? Needles to say, more chance of winning. (wink)


  1. Follow Liz Fashion House' Instagram account
  2. Tag 2 friends who you think are interested with the giveaways.
  3. Regram 'Parfois Giveaways'
  4. Comment 'done' at the comment section

  1. LIKE Liz Fashion House' Facebook Page
  2. Share my giveaways post on your wall and...
  3. Tag 2 friends who you think are interested with the giveaways.
  4. Comment 'done' at the comment section
3 winners will be determined through miniwebtool's raffle tool so what are you waiting for? Deadline will be on November 14th, so come on and join the giveaway!

1st Prize, peach arm candy and white/pink/peach crystal dangling set. 

2nd Prize minimalist dangling, my favorite thing! I have my own pair of this design.
3rd prize, semi precious gem arm candy

Important guidelines to remember: 
  • Only valid to people basing in Cagayan de Oro City
  • No return, No exchange policy
  • Not for sale


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Shezie for joining and for loving the prizes!

  2. Parfois is 💕!!!lovin ur choice of accessories Ms.L!!!More blessings to come

    1. Thank you Renan for appreciating my prizes and for joining!

  3. I wonder where your kindness is rooting from mommy Lans! So generous and thoughtful. Hoping your blog would last as long as you live.:-)Hooray for your 3rd year anniversary! You'll have more to come, for sure!:-)

    1. Awww, you are the sweetest Rachelle! haha Cheers for that because i'm hoping i will. <3

  4. Gorgeous giveaway Liz! Shared your giveaway in my Facebook page and Twitter. Best luck to everyone!

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram | Bloglovin

    1. Thank you Venus for joining! I am so grateful for your effort. Sorry wala ko ka join sa imung giveaway lately ky nka limot ko, pede pa mka apil?


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