Monday, October 31, 2016

CDO Event: Johnson & Johnson's Camp Courage

What to expect from the event?
Johnson & Johnson Philippines was able to organize a positive campaign for youngsters all over the country and so this is basically my 'flashback report'. A few weeks ago, they were here in Cagayan de Oro City, an event called 'Camp Courage' which was a one-day activity packed with fun and exciting series of program that encourages and to inspire teens to seize the moment. On that day also, they're giving away gadgets and generous gift checks through raffle and games which I think every teens shouldn't miss! Although obviously they were really promoting products from Johnson and Johnson like CleanNClear, Modess and Carefree,  I did find it interesting though because somehow they were able to inject positive messages on each of their products, or should I say creative!

Positive Impact
Although I was there for their later program, I could tell it was a successful event and most of the teens stayed even with the heavy rain. This is a good message to highlight over our teenagers versus the popular ones on social media which are a little too melancholic for me such as 'team sawi' (sawi means broken-hearted) or 'hugot'. lol LOL just saying. :P

I love how Johnson & Johnson's idea of making use the popularity of their brand to reach and help younger generation of girls to overcome self esteem issues, get to know more about themselves, discover their gifts and talents through the workshops and activities. Good jobJ&J!

Happy teens enjoying their day posing for the camera

The not-so-teens participants but definitely teen at heart! lol

girls shouting like crazy over this singer, weeewww.
Announcement for their dance contests and raffle winners was also the highlight of the night. 

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