Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lookbook: Modern Jasmine

Off-Shoulder Crop Top
I rarely wear crop top (and yes even before having a child) because honestly it is really an uncomfortable piece for me. However, I just love the white palm print on this off-shoulder crop top and after trying them out with my trousers, it made me feel like a little girl playing dressing up "Princess Jasmine", hence the theme. 

High Waist Wide Leg Trousers
This super comfy trousers was on sale at What A Girl Wants, Centrio like 2 years ago. This is the kind of trousers you want to hoard because you'll never go wrong with this one. Lately I'm into these flowy and light weighted trousers.

Hair Color
Check out my latest hair color; Ombre gray. Falling in love with this color, more and more each day, not gonna lie. lol I'm glad there are people with good hairstyle sense giving me amazing feedback about it. Thank you Studio Fix for the neat work, cheers!


  1. Fabulous! Got an idea in upstyling my old trousers because of this.. thanks much!

  2. Dat hair color is going to try it soon


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