Thursday, August 4, 2016

OOTD: Elegant Yellow

This is not a recent outfit, I have to recycle this look so I can just blog about it. *crazy laugh. This is an outfit I wore during a school reunion earlier this year.

Elegant Top
I never thought I'll look moderately decent *hehe with this sleeveless ribbed high neck top. As you can see, I've gained a little and it is quite evident on my arms. Surprisingly, it turned out well :). Thank goodness! {lol} I also noticed, that as long as it's a loose top, it's not going to emphasize my bulky arms. Regarding the sleeveless top, What I love about it is its front details, which is actually a lace pattern all over - somewhat makes it look a little official for that elegant /chic/boho style I'm aiming for, that night. Special thanks to Kartushie Boutique for my awesome top! They are located at Carmen, just contact the owner for their exact address.

Loose Trousers
It is the comfiest thing in my wardrobe and amazingly looks good on any tops - any style I want to achieve. Believe me, I bought like 2 pieces of them! *evil laugh

Flat Doll Shoes
After giving birth, this lady just want comfort in whatever she's wearing especially footwear. You don't have to wear boring flat shoes and you have no excuse to be boring with flats because nowadays there are tons of designs you can choose from. My flat shoes tip for that sexy yet comfy mood - pointed flats!

Nude Lippies
Been obsessing nude colors lately {for my lippies}. Do you like how I did my make up? *haha. Not an expert but I'll try and try until I succeed. I blogged about this nyx lippies on my last post, if you missed it, here's the link

I hope you girls liked my look. *big smile. I'm working on a more exciting project soon - for you, my readers! so I encourage you to follow me via email or 'like' my facebook page for updates! <3


  1. Love the top! I can imagine myself wearing that with a pair of ripped jeans :D .. because unlike you, I don't think I can pull off Loose Trousers for the life of me! lol!

    You gained a little and angayan ka :)


  2. Ate so nice your top. <3 and OL ka gabuy nyx? Can't find one lgi..
    Sightseer Pinay

    1. Thank you Johanns! I got that nyx lippies frm my sis in law hehe she's in usa, ge send nila dri cdo with freight service

  3. Love the yellow top, it's so sexy i also do recycle my outfits and do mix and match LOL fashion repeats itself.

    1. Hey ann! I'm glad you find it sexy even with me in it...hahaha! yup, yup we totally can do that. cheers! bytheway, i love your blog, subscribing as we speak. <3


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