Monday, August 29, 2016

Lookbook: Little Grey And White Dress

Hey, You Know What?
Let me give you a little trivia before anything else. I used to title this type of post as 'ootds' but after a while - I thought, 'lookbook' should be the right term and I hope you'll agree with me {giggling*}. One thing though, many can't really tell that I'm actually a 'dress' person. Probably because I seldom blog about the dresses I own for the past years plus I already given up most of them due to my weight gain.

A little 'Her-story'
If you're surprised by my "weight gain" statement, it's okay because I get that every time. Just an FYI, I was so skinny when I was younger and before my baby. Some thought I looked sickly and unhealthy (in fact, I was really one healthy skinny lady) and to the opposite some, I was hot! {lol LOL!} I was so desperate to gain some, since I weigh only around 80lbs...yes, believe it or not.

Oh yeah, the dress.
This is a very chic look because of my shoulder bag yet in a way a little sporty too because of the sneakers and the white and gray stripes.  The grey and white stripes on the dress somewhat gave a minimalism feel which I like about. I love wearing this dress on days when someone gets to babysit Jarett (my son)- otherwise, it's a bad idea. (laughing*) I bought this dress from Eia's Online. <3

I just like the idea of pairing my dress(es) with the white sporty shoes I bought at Payless Shoe Store at Limketkai mall, it is super comfortable! I deliberately chose white sporty shoes because you know how I adore white - enough said! :D

Back Design Surprise!
Uniquely there's something going on with this cute dress and you can find it at the back of the dress. Tell me, is it sexy back or what? because it is a really a fun sexy back reveal. Sorry for not giving justice to that back design though. (evil laugh*)


  1. you really choose the right title "Lookbook", anways I love the gray stripe fitted dress and i love when you cover it up with a denim jacket it spice up the whole outfit, so chic you look so fab. ^^

    1. Whoah! Really? Thank you for being so sweet. <3

  2. This dress .. is sooo lovely .. hosnestly i dont feel wearing like this coz i find myself ugly ahahaha but to see you wear it you really look so lovely ..

  3. Dress paired with sporty Payless white shoes looks nice to look at..i liked the idea Ms.L,looks sporty at the same time classy.If only I can wear those

  4. I loved this look. I just hope i am confident enough to wear this!.. thanks Maam Liz for the adding confident boost from your fashion blogs!

  5. Can i have your stripe dress sis?? its so sexy... Bagay na bagay T pak na pak..😘

  6. Bitaw!! sis honestly super ko na ibog ani nga outfit nimo rugged,sexy nga classy ganahan kaayu ko from head to toe.... 😍😍😍

  7. yeah, i agree! the details at the back is surprising! yet it gives symmetry! Your body fits perfectly with this dress. You're so lucky to have skinny healthy body, seems like you're not gaining weight at the first glance. I just so amaze how someone looks cool with just a stripes and a white shoes.:-)

  8. I liked your fashion mommy Liz..thank u for it.

  9. I liked your fashion mommy Liz..thank u for it.


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