Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Bohol Island Travel

Another Bohol Island Travel {apparently, in my dreams! booo...}. The truth is, this is just another of that throwback pictures. You'll like it anyways lol.

Being at home for some time for an extremely reasonable reason is just driving me crazy sometimes. After giving birth to a {beautiful} baby boy, {I admit} this is the least matter I worried about. Just recently, I thought 'wow...I'll not be able to travel places - anytime soon, can't go to movies, can't say long hours at the mall, (and the list goes on)!!!'. It is kinda depressing to be honest with you.

To comfort myself, I decided to go through my travel albums. When I saw my Bohol travel album, made me want to teleport myself once-and-for-all to that tropical paradise, again. FYI, going through them pictures is amazingly a bad idea after all. hahaha! No worries loves, I'll just suck it up for a few more years because going to Bohol with my boys is far way better than going alone. I can't wait :)

Tourista mode with friend Debbie

The famous chocolate hills

...and the famous monkey called Tarsier, According to a source, it is the smallest monkey in the world.

floating restaurant

church ruins here and there

I'm not going to do this again! rofl the scariest thing ever! They call it 'plunge', almost like bungee jumping but slightly different way. 

Tourista mode almost done by this time. huhu

I super adore their beaches! look at that my friend! <3

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