Tuesday, May 31, 2016

SmartBro Product Launch Event

Got invited to SmartBro Product Launch last May 14,2016 and it was an awesome event, as usual. (for those who are not yet familiar with Smart-PLDT, they are - as a matter of fact a branding that every single person would recognize because of their superiority in the Philippines' telecommunication industry. That day was the announcement of their newly launched promo SmartBro888 and which later was their caravan around the city with beauty queens.

Basically, that's the brief summary of what that event was all about and now let's dive into the fashion aspect of that particular event; my outfit! rofl*

Tattered Boyfriend Jeans
Lately, I've been seeing alot of girls wearing this style and I must say that I loved it! I decided to get one for myself which was rough. I can't find it anywhere any longer since it was already sold out and I spent days lurking inside boutiques, shopping malls, and on thrift, 2nd hand stores! Well, the truth is there's alot in preloved stores but I can't seem to find my size in there. But hey, eventually, I got it from Robinsons' Limketkai clothing store. So that's good news! I was able to use it at the SmartBro888 event, which was a good idea after all.

White Sleeveless Top
A very low profile piece and which I think has a very modern style and I bought it at Gaisano Mall with a cheap price tag. well, I can't say no to it.


A Green And Brown Sling Purse
Just for a twist, I decided not to match a bag with a same color scheme with upper and lower outfit.

Kate Spade

Here's another a few #ootd ideas you can use from popular personalities Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Riri (Rihanna). Boyfriend jeans whether it's tattered or not, white sleeveless high necked top (you can try the cropped ones if you want to show off your abs *wink), sling purse, some accessories and pretty heels. Hope you like it, Chiao!

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