Tuesday, February 16, 2016


February already?! Wow, time flies like seriously fast. On the same note, I hope it isn't too late to post a 2016 inspiration post. HAHA! The style inspiration I come up with is a result of a research; trying to figure out 2016 fashion trend. I find this style "so me" and will definitely rock the look sooner or later. As you can see, that's me rocking the long sleeve and long flowy skirt ( Well, not completely the truth lol ). I think silver will be 2016 popular metal for accessories or jewelries.

Another thing folks, I'll include some stuff that (I think) will brighten up your year. In my own opinion, I think it's okay to collect, own or create pretty and lovely things to look at with the hope: it will somehow be the trigger source of your little joy or happiness. Little happiness is better than nothing at all, you know! I made it up, of course... :p

Dainty Little Rings
We girls are so into the details, right? For me silver accessories on my fingers will never go wrong. I just love this trend especially with pretty nail art/nail polish. Galactic print on blouses or stones are also something to look forward to, this year.

For productivity sake, get an adorbs planner/journal and write everything you need to remember because mostly gurls are forgetful Lucy. lol Look at these lovelies from Kate Spade.

Glam Up Your Desk
For working women out there, try glamouring up your work desk maybe it will inspire you to work and perform better. I super adore these flower vases DIYs by one of my favorite DIYers Ann Le. This is totally a 2016 thing. Try placing a flower vase basically anywhere and it will automatically transform it to beauty.

Pretty Mugs
We often start our day either with a cup of tea or coffee. Feels good to pick a nice pretty mugs or cups for your drinks early in the morning ( I think! haha! ) I would love to own a few of Katie Alice's lovely collection to my kitchen. Definitely this one is on my wishlist.

Sweet Perfume To Love
It feels so so good to be able to breathe in sweet scent from time to time. As a matter of fact, fragrances are therapeutic.

And lastly,

Be Creative!
With Gazillion videos about do(ing)-it-yourself ideas, try to use these resources to be as creative as you can be. Doing fun projects will actually eliminate stress. Try doing some basic DIYs you can find and don't strive for perfection because instead of having fun you'll end up frustrated. So, yeah..enjoy making, creating things from nothing into something, you'll love it.

Pictures not mine. <3


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