Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shopping Haul: The Face Shop

I hate to admit that the sign of aging is an inevitable process and for me, it all started with skin issues such as freckles, un-even skin tone and even pimples. So desperate for a solution, I did a research in a thorough manner about the best asian products for my kind of skin problem. I know that asian skin care are the best for my skin type and as the result of my research; Korean products are the best among the best. Aside having alot of great reviews, korean skin care products also are way way cheaper than Japanese'.

Few Options

The only problem, there’s not many authentic skin care Korean store here in Cagayan de Oro City; One’s Etude House and the other is The Face Shop. Although I like Etude house, I decided to give the latter - a try. Here are the products that I bought. I am really sorry because somehow the clumsy side of me accidentally threw the receipt away so I'll just try to recall the prices but it may be or may not be accurate.

Bleach the un-even tone away
Although I do not believe that being fair is beautiful, I have to accept the fact that it is one way to eliminate my blemishes. According to my research, I have to bleach the dark spot or tone of my face. Honestly, that is abit scary to me; so I decided to just buy a spot corrector that (I hope) will do the work. White Seed Spot Corrector is around 300 pesos only.

All Over brightening Serum
From my research I also learned that a brighter and fairer skin will make you 10 years younger. So, I bought an impressive Blanclouding serum that will help me achieve that. I personally (kinda) loving it already because of the feeling that your face isn't dry and nourished after applying. Also, it's awesome to see the serum appear to be a cream on the tip of my finger but when it touches my face it melts and becomes an oil that spreads easily on my face. I think I bought this more or less around 1,500 pesos only.

Baby Face
When I saw on its product description about having a baby face skin, I said to myself "oh yeah, that's my thing over there!" hahaha what a loser. :P Well, It's just a peeling mask, nothing fancy. Bear in mind guys, mostly...applying peeling mask can only be done like twice or trice a week. I totally forgot the price but it could be around 350 pesos? not sure. This wash off peeling mask is called Baby Face Brightening Peeling Pack.

Brightening Mask
I've read reviews about The Face Shop's facial masks and people gave a positive clamor about it. Well true enough, I really loved the result after just one try. There's a few other choices but I chose lemon because we all know that lemon is one effective natural bleach therefore giving your face a fairer effect. The price is around 60+ pesos something but when you get 3 pieces, you'll get one for free. I bet it's just a temporary offer.

Eye Bags Versus Eye Patch
When you're a new mommy, you have to anticipate the process of staying late at night up till dawn to do mommy duties. Eye bags are the most common problem we mommies will face; it will make you look tired, dull and old! I tried Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch and I think it's terrific! I think the price is more or less around 270 to 299 pesos only.

My Tiny Jar of Happiness
Oh, don't we love a lovely nails to look at from time to time? Yes for me! I can't say NO to this cute white enamel with tiny confetti of pretty pop of colors. This is only a 150 pesos nail polish.

Shopping Haul
I really do hope that these stuff will help correct or at least improve my (or even yours) skin's current condition. I'm will continue to experiment more korean skin care products and bytheway; if you know where to get more authentic korean products in Cagayan de Oro City please comment below, alrighty?? Thanks in advance~ <3

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