Wednesday, January 6, 2016

8 Must Avoid Fashion Fails

8 Must Avoid Fashion Fails for 2016

I know leggings they are like the “must haves” on your closet but seriously ladies -- No matter how skinny or how big you are; if you are not careful enough with this piece of garment, you probably end up flaunting the W form in between your upper thighs, formation known as the ‘camel-toe’. It’s like showing it off to the world but with your clothes on.

Exempted: Ballerina or gymnast

Style Fix: wear your pretty leggings with a big loose upper blouse, lengthy enough to cover that particular area.

Animal print Freak

Animal prints are so popular not so long ago and surprisingly up till today, I can still see celebrities making animal prints as part of their fashion statement. However, too much of this print can be a total disaster. So please ladies, do not even try to dare mixing and matching your #ootds with just animal printed stuff.
Exempted: Tarzan’s wife, your Halloween costume

Style Fix: To rock an animal printed outfit, let’s just say > a dress, I personally think that dress should be the highlight of your style and balance it off with other less to no-print garments or accessories.

Trend To Trash

Tagged as 2015 spring trend sandals but no matter how many times I tried convincing myself that it is somehow a stylish piece but my heart refuses to fall in love with this trend. Do you remember Crocs? Just an FYI, one of Crocs’ designs was an iconic fashion tragedy. Without further a-do, let me introduce to you to Crocs’ cousin; the “Retro-Punk” Sandals. It’s bulky, heavy; these (I call them) ‘poorly designed’ sandals make your feet looks bigger especially when wearing it with a skinny jeans or leggings.

Exempted: my granny

Style Fix: To those who really adore this trend, one line from hunger games peeps "the odds be ever in your favor" like seriously.

Tanning or Whitening Craze

Skin tanning, one of the most popular trends in US and Europe. Man and mostly Caucasians women love to have darker skin tone for reasons I’m not quite sure maybe to make them look more like an outdoor person? Honestly… I have no idea.
Meanwhile in Asia, mostly women or even the guys would love to look fairer because to some; it’s could be a status symbol or proof of luxury (I heard) but mostly think they look better with fairer complexion.

Exempted: nobody

Style fix: Fix they way you look at yourself and acceptance. 

Fanny Pack is A Funny pack

I know this waist pack may come out handy when you travel or when you’re up to outdoor activities. However, bear in mind that this fanny pack thingy is an outdated fashion accessory of the 90’s which I highly suggest NOT to wear them it on a daily basis.

Exempted: Athletes, Chinese businessman in china-town /marketplace

Style fix: Get a teleportation machine to the pop culture of the 90’s. (Funny face)

Asian Thing

In Asia (I think) especially in Philippines, they have this weird trend that will make you LOL. Teeth braces suddenly became a crazy trend here, it’s weird…I know! It is (kinda) embarrassing when other girls thought that my braces are for fashion reasons, Ouch big time! For the record, I installed these braces to correct my hideous teeth and I don’t feel great wearing one on top of the pain I’ve endured all the while. You can get these fake braces from anywhere and it’s darn cheap but of course does nothing to one’s teeth- strictly for fashion purposes only. lol

Exempted:People with real teeth issues
Style fix: Visit a legit dentist and get a real one

Skin Tight Clothing or More Skin

In my own opinion, being attractive is easy when you show too much skin or wear extremely tight garments. Remember, exposing too much skin or wearing tight clothing doesn’t mean you’re a stylish person. And just because everybody’s looking at you doesn’t mean that they appreciate your sense of style, in fact some may feel disgusted. Worst scenario, you might attract the wrong people. My piece of advice, think before you wear but importantly, you should feel comfortable with what you are wearing and for your sake please avoid being a sexual object.

Exempted: Swimmer or when you are paid to wear them.

Style fix: cardigans, scarves to cover and yet still look stylish, if you prefer none, slip in pepper spray inside your purse. Haha!

A Hint of Underwear

Do you know that this was abit of the trend of the hip-hop culture in the 90’s? Also known as ‘Sagging’, Men wore their jeans or trousers which sag below the waist, therefore will give you a hint of his underwear. As for the girls, they show off their ‘G-strings’. Know what? You’ll have your mind blown if you get to know the origin of this fashion, anyways…going back to my point. Although it was popular once, I’m so glad it’s over! Take note people, this “sagging fashion” is not IN anymore. Just for your information, high waist trousers, jeans, shorts are so fashionable right now. Nobody wants to see your ‘G-strings’ anymore, haha!

Exempted: underwear models, lunatics

Style fix: If you don’t own a pair of high-waisted jeans, shorts, etc. Wear a pretty belt or without a belt, just bear in mind to neatly tuck in your underwear.


To end, just a quick dislaimer: pictures are not mine and this post is really my own opinion, please leave your comments below if you have anything in mind. Happy New Year beauties!

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