Monday, September 28, 2015

Sweet And Sour

I’ve been a Christian since I was a teenager. After accepting Christ and got baptized; I sleep, drink and eat ministry. To elaborate that statement into details: I am the jack of all trades when it comes to ministry. I do music ministry (Sunday service, Kids’ and Youth’s music team), Children ministry, youth ministry, tambourine ministry, etc. plus bible studies, trainings, workshops, and more of that stuff.

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Growing up in that kind of environment, I’ve encountered some few critical people and regretfully I was kinda one of them. Well, critical in the sense that we are fast to judge, inconsiderable, too caught up with things of ministry, religious rather than being of character etc. to sum it all up, some of the characters are the total opposite to what Christ is all about. Yes, you can see people like these in churches because church is not heaven; you can call it Hospital, actually. Christians are not perfect people but God is dealing with them differently so that in time, they will become better people {of course, God will only fix them if they allow Him to: explains why some people are not getting any better}. Aaannnddd….going back to my story.

My Blogging Niche
Being a Christian and a blogger at the same time can be tricky, because somehow most people would expect me to blog about all godly stuff, Christian topics all the time. Some who knew me back when I was too "religious", probably would say ”Oh...She’s totally a worldly person now; she’s lost and a shallow person, blah and blah” Well, I can really tell because this is really basing from my own past doings. However, past is past. I am so much a better person now. I am still a Christian but the improved version {I think! lol}. I still have that passion to touch people's lives through different ministries and that's why I still have maintained a few but producing a blog for the sake of evangelism and making an impact; for me, it requires a lot of research. Anyhow, I'll make sure to keep my heart sensitive to God's leading on this one.

It’s not that I won’t write about “spiritual” topic at all {As a matter of fact, I write about my spiritual journey in another blog, however that blog is not for public} It’s just that I also wanted to blog about some simple things I enjoy. Something therapeutic, something that will keep on inspiring me and something that will make me appreciate my feminine side. The game plan is to document my fashion journey and my goal is: years from now, I can flashback my style and watch it evolves before my eyes as I go through post by post and that idea excites me, actually.

Freebies from BYS

Well, honestly…The benefits of blogging about this niche also allows me to experiment beauty and fashion products from different companies without having to necessarily buying them, they are giving it away and in return I’ll discuss about their products on my blog. More over, there are numerous of money making platforms now available for bloggers. The best part is - if you’re a superstar, these companies will even pay you on top of their complimentary stuff .That’s not all, if you’re somebody/the popular one, maybe the chance of getting bigger offers and projects/money making opportunities will be amazingly easy. Tickets/Invitations to fashion shows or events are also fun!

Invitation to Seda In The City hosted by Ayala Seda Hotel 

Not just Christianity, no matter what set of ethics, beliefs, culture, philosophies or doctrines you stand on. I personally think that none of them encourages negative characters/attitude especially being judgmental. I think it is appropriate to never judge other people’s decision or choices. Be kind.

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