Monday, August 17, 2015

New Hair For Mommy Liz

I always loved my long shiny straight hair. Just recently, I have to bid long hair bye-bye (ultimately, for hygienic purposes, since baby is around). I also noticed, there are more and more (local and international) celebrities rocking short hair whether pixie cut or bobs.

The first attempt of my hair cut was a failure. Partly my fault (I guess?) because I didn't relay him (the hairstylist) the exact style I have in my mind. My expectation was high but just like any sad movie, the ending was bad. I am so not going back to that beauty salon. The good thing about me though...I don't give up easily.

One day, I took the time and visited Studio Fix (another salon). Told the hairstylist the exact hairstyle I wanted and guess what? he did an excellent work, totally worth my time. Today, I'm rocking a cool hairstyle and everyday I'm loving it.

(BEFORE) with my long hair

AFTER (with my new bob cut)

You can visit them at Door #1 Santiago Building, Velez Gaerlan Street, Cagayan de Oro. Aside from doing all things for hair, they also do make-up for any event. You'll love them. To get updates of their promos and services, follow them at Studio Fix

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