Monday, August 24, 2015

Face Goodies!

I am a rookie when it comes to make up. That's why I love to watch make up tutorials and can't help but notice that there are more and more make up gurus now who adore korean make-up/beauty products. So I decided to start trying out some. I also think I will explore more of japanese, thailander, taiwanese Hong Kong and korean beauty products because first of all {I think} their products are engineered to fit asian skin type. Cut story short...just recently, I got myself Magic CB from Vixen designed by Korea and a foundation called Naturactor from Agent Dolly.

So far, my favorite one would be naturactor because of it's texture and you can go for full coverage with this one. I know CB cream is not the the right cream to cover blemishes and irregularities, that one is forgiven but Magic CB gave me a fairer effect {that I don't like because my kind of fair is the yellowish type} which i think will only look good to fairer {white} skin. Anyhow, the moisture of CB cream is what I love about.

I have some freebies I will experiment soonest. Two of which from Etude House: Precious Mineral BB Cream and AC Clinic acne foam cleanser. Also Skinfood Long-Lasting Liplaquer from Agent Dolly an online dealer.

Last but not the least this wash off face treatment cream by Etude House. Originally, I was looking for facial masks when I went to Etude House but end up buying this instead. I love the moisture it gave my face after the process and the packaging is lovely too. 

There you go! I will be blogging more of asian product soon. So, stay tuned. :D

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