Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainy Season Picks

June to October are the wet and rainy season for Philippines. Today my styling picks are of something more warm and water proof materials. With this get-up, umbrellas are not necessary anymore. Leggings, high-cut boots and purse are of leatherette {real or hand-made leatherette, doesn't really matter} The gold watch: you can get it at Parfois, that is the exact design I once bought from the mentioned boutique and I personally love it. To get the exact black leatherette black purse I picked; you can shop it at Sophie PH and they have so many choices you can choose from. Scarves with a popping color should do it and denim shirts are so IN right now, besides it is really comfortable. Cute {lady} caps are available at Parfois also with the scarves.

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