Thursday, October 20, 2016


{Somewhat pep talk} intro.
When you're not attending any formal meetings, this is that office look but a touch of girly chic instead of looking so all serious that can't get along with a spontaneous silly jokes with colleagues whenever necessary- just sayin'. #lol Oh come on, let's be honest - we all have at least one office mate who are just like that, right? haha! But hey wait a minute, it's not an excuse to make fun of them so be kind to them anyways, we never know what they're going through in life. Let's be kind to one another, that's a good starter value for a better world.

Moving on...

Breaking down my 'Office Chic' look.
Button up long sleeves I bought from Cotton On, A boyfriend shorts and a pair of gorgeous high heels. You may play a little with this look by making use the right accessories and so below is just an example of items I'll probably use with this look.

Wrap up
What you think of my office look? I hope you like it. :) Or can I even wear those to the office? are there any offices with strict dress code that I should know? Let me know and leave me a comment, kay? :) Oh, I'd love to see you at my social media accounts, you can absolutely do that by liking my facebook fan page and follow me through my IG acc. Big Love!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

LOOKBOOK: Black Mood

Black Short Cotton Dress
You won't believe I was able to shop a gem, it's a black cotton dress for only at 199pesos (if I'm not mistaken) at uptown SM mall. I'm pretty positive that by now you already know that I'm such a freako for this thing called 'comfort' yet for new readers who just followed my blog - that's a spoiler right there! LOL

Dress is abit too long for a short dress, right? Well, I am in fact telling you the truth because underneath that short black dress is a not so long tight skirt. I've added the skirt just to make me look taller since my flats can't help me achieve that illusion. With this outfit, you don't have to worry about the funny shapes you wanna hide around your hips or belly. haha!

Jewelries or accessories
For my silver jewelries, it's either Silver Works or Unisilver and I prefer SM or Parfois for the rest of my accessories because of their super updated designs and surprisingly with affordable prices.

I got these from a fun mommies meeting from my church. They organized a 'swap party' where we could swap our used or unwanted clothing, footwear, bags, just anything with other mommies. Hey, I know you could tell that the sandals are abit untidy, well...believe it or not, I purposely create that look because according to my 'imaginarium' it gives these vintage sandals a little life. ha!

Messy Bun
A real messy bun for Mrs C. One effortless bun if you ask me and no hair died in the making of this messy bun. #lol

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mommies Day With Expo Mom

Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey in Cagayan de Oro

As the ultimate mommy event of the season takes a second trip to Mindanao,
expect to be inspired by the different faces of mommyhood on October 15, 2016
at Centrio Mall, from 10AM to 9PM. Whether you're an expectant mom, a new
mom, or a mom of three or four, you're going to find something to love at Expo
Mom Cagayan de Oro.

Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey features a fun and fulfilling all-day
program. In the morning The Modern Nanays of Mindanao, a community of
moms who promote breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering, lead the
celebration of motherhood with a Mamba session—a Zumba class made
especially for moms with slings! Dr. Raissa Paje Bayawa, founder of Happy
Heart Kids Yoga, takes the stage next to enlighten moms about the benefits of
prenatal yoga and to share some helpful moves as well.

Two sessions delve deep into the amazing journey that all moms share. The
first one focuses on pregnancy and breastfeeding & finding that right balance
between home life & career. Guests are Nadine Casino, founder of Modern
Nanays of Mindanao & Ruby Caberte a popular blogger who is also a mom.
The second touches on baby care with discussions on the right way to wear
baby and age-appropriate toys to help with a child's development . Guests for
this segment will be an early childhold educator and a few mommies.

The other exciting activities scheduled include a bento-making session
specifically devoted to picky eaters by the pioneering Bento Mommas, who have
actually been with us all over the country this year! You can sign up to
participate at for Php900, inclusive of basic bento tool
kit, bento box and food ingredients for the workshop plus freebies from
sponsors, all of which you can take home afterward.

A makeup on the go demonstration for busy mothers by Paola Paladio- Ching
follows in the afternoon, and a craft workshop with a homegrown moms and kids
crafts group. In between, many prizes will be given away care of our generous
exhibitors and sponsors Caltrate and Belo Baby.
Topping the motherhood celebration is a fashion show devoted to babywearing,
showing one and all that it is possible to look positively trendy with a baby in

A year from its tenth anniversary, Expo Mom continues to be a source of
information and inspiration among modern parents and a wellspring of modern
products and services for the whole family.

Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey is co-presented by Caltrate Plus and
Belo Baby with Centrio Mall and Ayala Malls as its venue partner, supported by
Modern Nanays of Mindanao, Carmel Kho Ricarte and Moms Radio, and
Professional Organizers Unlimited, Inc. and Creative Juice Communications are
its logistics partners. Entrance to Expo Mom is free.

For more information, visit

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lookbook: Modern Jasmine

Off-Shoulder Crop Top
I rarely wear crop top (and yes even before having a child) because honestly it is really an uncomfortable piece for me. However, I just love the white palm print on this off-shoulder crop top and after trying them out with my trousers, it made me feel like a little girl playing dressing up "Princess Jasmine", hence the theme. 

High Waist Wide Leg Trousers
This super comfy trousers was on sale at What A Girl Wants, Centrio like 2 years ago. This is the kind of trousers you want to hoard because you'll never go wrong with this one. Lately I'm into these flowy and light weighted trousers.

Hair Color
Check out my latest hair color; Ombre gray. Falling in love with this color, more and more each day, not gonna lie. lol I'm glad there are people with good hairstyle sense giving me amazing feedback about it. Thank you Studio Fix for the neat work, cheers!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lookbook: Cotton And Denim

Overall Denims should be women's clothing staple, just saying. Why? well... personally, I think It's comfortable and versatile. For more sophisticated look, you can just wear a 'botton-up blouses' with the overall skirt. To complete the look wear high heels or maybe boots - basically, not sandals or slippers. The look I'm after at this specific shoot is actually a chic look but more of the 'casual/easy going' style.

Shoulder Bag
I just bought this pretty grey purse at Kristine boutique at Limketkai mall. Let us just hope that I will not be doing more of my 'lookbook' posts with only this purse - gooshh, I have to admit I'm so in love with it! Amazingly the purse' color and design matches all the color scheme and the outfit I style. Maybe I should start buying grey colored materials because of it's versatility. The color also made everything so elegant, minimal and modern.

White Cotton Blouse
While wearing this outfit, I don't have to worry about my love handles and that's exactly what I like about overalls, thank you Eia's Boutique for this one <3. On the other hand, the base of my overall denim is just a simple yet comfy white shirt I got from Bench store in Centrio mall. Another thing, just when you feel like your outfit is going towards borderline boring and stylish, try accessorizing it first - like what I did on top of my white shirt.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lookbook: Little Grey And White Dress

Hey, You Know What?
Let me give you a little trivia before anything else. I used to title this type of post as 'ootds' but after a while - I thought, 'lookbook' should be the right term and I hope you'll agree with me {giggling*}. One thing though, many can't really tell that I'm actually a 'dress' person. Probably because I seldom blog about the dresses I own for the past years plus I already given up most of them due to my weight gain.

A little 'Her-story'
If you're surprised by my "weight gain" statement, it's okay because I get that every time. Just an FYI, I was so skinny when I was younger and before my baby. Some thought I looked sickly and unhealthy (in fact, I was really one healthy skinny lady) and to the opposite some, I was hot! {lol LOL!} I was so desperate to gain some, since I weigh only around 80lbs...yes, believe it or not.

Oh yeah, the dress.
This is a very chic look because of my shoulder bag yet in a way a little sporty too because of the sneakers and the white and gray stripes.  The grey and white stripes on the dress somewhat gave a minimalism feel which I like about. I love wearing this dress on days when someone gets to babysit Jarett (my son)- otherwise, it's a bad idea. (laughing*) I bought this dress from Eia's Online. <3

I just like the idea of pairing my dress(es) with the white sporty shoes I bought at Payless Shoe Store at Limketkai mall, it is super comfortable! I deliberately chose white sporty shoes because you know how I adore white - enough said! :D

Back Design Surprise!
Uniquely there's something going on with this cute dress and you can find it at the back of the dress. Tell me, is it sexy back or what? because it is a really a fun sexy back reveal. Sorry for not giving justice to that back design though. (evil laugh*)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

OOTD: Lace Loose Blouse

Lace blouses especially the loose ones are the easiest top you can style with. Typically, lace blouses are worn either with shorts or leggings but you can totally experiment it with other kinds of skirts or trousers. By the way mommies, don't be afraid wearing a size bigger than your original size because to be honest with you, it feels much comfortable and cool than wearing tighter or smaller blouse.

If you feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing big blouse, you can try wrapping you waist with a pretty belt. 

Lace blouses' tricky part is the exposed tiny parts, here and there {lol}. It might be airy and cool wearing lace blouses but you have to remember to wear pretty bra though. 

For me, lace loose blouse is the romantic type of comfortable 'ootd'. Lace materials also can be a boho thing with the right accessories. You can even make it as your day to night outfit, again if you rock it with the right accessories. Accessorizing is the key to success for transitioning your day outfit into night and also the same blessed key to the style/look you're aiming for.