Monday, February 6, 2017

My Valentine's Day Gift Idea: ProSource Virgin Coconut Oil Products

For all lovebirds out there, I am confident that this love month is one of the most exciting day of the year because it is in fact the kind of day where we can somehow show or express our love to people we care and love. For me, it's a cool fact that it has been almost like an international tradition where nearly every nationality or religion celebrates. To those shy folks who kept wishing to be a little romantic or loving, be timid no more! Because on February 14th you all can definitely use it as an excuse to show what you truly feel about them.

One way of showing your sweetheart how much they meant to you is maybe by taking them out to dinner at an amazing restaurant, or even a stay-cation at a nice hotel, while for others - giving out gifts. If you plan on giving her/him an ideal gift, I personally suggest health and beauty products. Just to be frank, this is a sponsored post but everything is written basing from my own experience of using it.

Why virgin coconut oil products (also popularly known as vco)?
Do you know that this stuff is a high demand product and are exported all over the world. Demands are growing each year because every health conscious individual around the globe are totally sold out with the benefits of this amazing oil and you should too. While there are so many health and beauty products we can find in the market, I would really encourage you my readers to support local products/brands as it will somewhat boost our economic condition and on top of that, we have the most authentic and organic vco. You can certainly enjoy the full vco benefits by consuming our very own with no side effects. For those who are new to vco,  just a little trivia; it can be taken internally by drinking the oil itself or making it as one of your cooking ingredients. You can check out the positive effect of this product from ProSource articles. It is also an amazing product to apply externally, same thing when applying an essential oil on your face, body and hair. There's so much health benefits you can get out of this oil and it makes a lot of sense if you give it to someone you care and love. Don't you agree? ❤

Unisex Item.
No need to worry if the product will fit him/her, because health and beauty products are unisex thing. Yes, you can skip the headache of trying to figure out the best stuff for her/him because i'm pretty sure that they will love it. Well, unless he/she asked for a specific item then otherwise it should be a great one.

Other ProSource Products.

You will not go wrong giving a beauty soap to your special someone. This not just an ordinary beauty soap; this is a vco, an organic - a high quality soap with an impressive packaging. I super adore this product because it gives me the right moisture feel plus I get fairer skin tone every time using it, believe me - it's just mind blowing.

Calming oil.
This newest product from ProSource ('magical' ointment I call it - lol) is made of all good stuff such as vco, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus and menthol. We know that stress is number one cause of illness so it is best to minimize it as much as we can. Well to say the least, I was a little skeptical when I saw its product details "soothes all kind of stress and discomfort..." but after trying it my self,  I've changed my mind. ❤ Always a good idea to give it a try.

With this super products, you probably think that you'll have to break the bank - haha! but will I surprise you if I say that it comes with affordable prices? I wouldn't recommend expensive valentine's gifts because it's better to be wise in spending since consumerism can be a little too evil if you're not careful. So, yes... ProSource products is not only the best but also affordable. You can get it at any Watsons stores nationwide.

Lose Weight.
I know some of my mommy friends who are desperately seeking easy and fastest way to shed some weights, however - It is kinda scary to know that some could risk their health condition in the long run. sad! So when I researched about vco, this product can actually help you do that without any negative side effects. Therefore, all I can say is that this is the safest way to slim down.

Like Prosource FACEBOOK PAGE and follow their INSTAGRAM account. For more accurate information about their products, head over to their ProSource WEBSITE.

I just hope that this post will help you decide what to surprise your beloved on Valentine's Day. Anyhow, just bear in mind; No matter what you will give, make sure it is sincere and out of love. okay? *big smile

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


As we all know, living in a tropical climate means we only have sunny and rainy days. Although we all been dreaming of spring time or snow, well bad news is... that's not going to happen. But wait a minute, if we look at the global warming situation, I think there's a tiny bit of chance actually! Haha just messing with you. Imagine me wearing giant fur faux and leatherette mittens on the street of kagayan de oro city, that's cray!!

Another Intro.
So remember when I told you ladies about wearing realistic outfit for holidays? This outfit was intended for holidays, unfortunately I was busy with everything (blame motherhood). Anyhow my friends, January has been a little chilly too (due to rain) so I think why not? right? A little reminder though to breastfeeding mommies, my opinion - again, layering will be a little bit tricky for you. My suggestion, try to experiment more on button up blouses because basing from my own experience about nursing my little boy, buttoned blouses (especially cotton ones) are the comfiest piece both for me and baby plus it is stylish too.

I encourage to base your layering with comfortable textile such as cottons because even though most days are rainy days, it might get warm at a certain point of the day. But if it gets really cold, you can layer another garment like cardigans or any nice jacket.

If you've been following me on IG, I'm sure this oxford shoes looks pretty familiar to you. lol I recently bought these beauties from a thrift store at Pagadian city (which is about 8 hours from where I'm writing). I had a blast - shopping for second hand gems at their market with sisters and cousins.

The New Office Coworking Space.
I adore this place. I knew that I'm going to love the place when I first saw it online. I was so relaxed by the aesthetic of the their interior and their color scheme. Oh, just an 'fyi', this is not a sponsored review - After approaching the owner of this blessed office, right away he gave me the green light to use their place for this shoot. I'm not gonna lie, that young lad - the owner himself, he is so nice and gwapo. *wink*

...and, who wants unlimited coffee? they make sure that you'll have an infinity moments with caffeine while hanging out (working your mind out ) at their office. So neat! Visit their Facebook Page for more details.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017: Chicken Soup For the Soul

Hello lovelies!! Was able to visit Pane e Dolci and I am so in love with their coffee. Take note, this is not a cafe review but I'll feature some of the pictures I took while dining with my husband. From the title, you'd probably know what I'll be talking about. Weee!

Happy New Year my loves! (insert grand fireworks here). Wow, I can't believe I survived 2016 gracefully, lol! I am so ready 2017, bring it on!

I have to confess that my life was not that easy - in fact, I think 2016 was a little tough on me. But we all should know too that year 2017 will not get any easier either. Although in most cases, we are experiencing tough moments as the result of our bad choices or decisions makings; Also, in some cases - God allows hard times in order to to make us stronger (could be spiritually, emotionally, mentally even physical progress). Just like an old saying goes, 'no pain, no glory'. However, no matter how weird our journey may get, if something doesn't go the way we've planned, doesn't mean we have all the reason to deal with it, negatively. Let's aim to deal every circumstance and people with the right sets of attitude because somehow this formula will reward you in many ways.

Around year 90 forgotten, I'm not sure why most women on social media are making this 'bitch' attitude as something praise worthy. Being a 'bitch' is that girl who always competes: that kinda girl who always finds other girl as competition when she feels insecure. The girl who thinks she deserves better than other people, she's selfish and she'll do anything (even stepping on other people's heads) just to get there, ungrateful brat, she's insincere (and will never get the sincerity of other people too), insensitive, rude, proud, and all the ugly things. She might be older than you but of a soul of a toddler, that's why I'm referring 'her' as 'girl' not a woman.

I'm just glad there are more and more women today who are beating this ugly culture with showing love and kindness to people around them. I am challenging you (and myself) to take part, make it a contagious practice. Let's empower one another.

How to start? here's my 'empower others' kit for starter. *giggles* Bear in mind my friends, I am no saint at all. This article or the pointers are the result of my research and observation only. If you think you have anything to add, be my guest! :)

Sensitive and Sincere.
Don't be a bully by making fun of others or gossiping other ladies. Dumb crowd gossips but smart women talks about ideas. Also, whatever you do to others, do it sincerely. Do not expect anything in return.period.

 Kind and Helpful.
You don't want to be around with girls doing 'trash talk' from time to time. But if you happen to be around with these kinds with no way out at all: Just listen and learn, pick up a thing or two but do not indulge her. Just in case you have to brag about something, do it in a way that will somehow empower your listeners. hehe!

If you notice positive things or anything admirable that are worth mentioning, please do not hold it back. I know there are challenges of being appreciative like for one: rejection. They'll even call you 'insecure' just because you noticed them and say pleasing things about them. That being said, I still do practice it. Feels so rewarding to be able to brighten up people's lives by saying good things about them, try it!

Ultimately, be a woman that's admirable and praiseworthy. Hope you'll have a great journey this year!

1 Peter 3:3-6

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Press Release: Aruga's Beauty Campaign For Christmas

On Nov. 26 2016, Aruga – the fresh face of skincare, that offers affordable luxury with a Filipino touch; welcomed the city into its clinic for a night of wellness and beauty. It was an evening that offered its participants services which highlighted the Aruga experience –an experience centered on Filipino hospitality and utmost care.

that's me and blogger friend Shaun

Aruga's marketing manager with the model/host beside him.

yummy detox goodness

We Filipino consumers are usually on budgets, and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, thinking skincare and wellness to be a luxury we can’t afford. Aruga Aesthetic Center knows this and seeks to change this notion by giving us reasonably cost services that don’t skimp on quality. Just in time for the Holiday season Aruga welcomes the city of Golden friendship into its doors for a variety of promotions on their products and services.

The evening started with the launch of Aruga Aesthetic Center’s open house. This open house –which will run from November 26 to December 3 2016, invites everyone to drop by for a free skin consultation. Aruga believes that everyone should care for the skin they’re in, and getting to know your skin will be the first step in your skin’s wellness journey.

Launched on the same night were Aruga’s Holiday beauty campaigns:
The first, dubbed Party Ready Beauty with Aruga Aesthetic Center, focuses on helping us with our busy social calendars come the holiday season. This campaign offers us a way to make it to each social engagement confident, and with eyelashes and eyebrows on fleek. For the holiday season Aruga will be offering promos on eyelash extensions and iBrow services –making sure you can have party ready beauty every day of the week.

The second campaign, “Light and White Christmas,” offers Cagayananons a white Christmas. No need to dream of a white Christmas as Aruga offers all its clients a chance to unleash their inner glow, for a more radiant, and stunning you; with promotions for their glutathione, Beauty Fusion, and other skin brightening services.

Finally but certainly not the least the Aruga Christmas tree campaign, where you give back to the Earth by giving a gift to yourself. For every 1000.00 pesos availed, Aruga Aesthetic Center will plant a tree in your name –it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Aruga invites everyone to drop by this holiday season, pamper themselves and their loved ones and to indulge in the affordable luxury that only Aruga Aesthetic Center has to offer.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Looking Forward For Changes.

Why all of the sudden?
I've mentioned it on my previous blog post about the time where I did some 'pilgrimage' with fashion. haha! well, joke aside; lately, I realized that I need style upgrade. Don't get me wrong, we all have different concept of an ideal 'fashion upgrade'. And it's okay if you don't find this 'upgrade' thingy exciting for you, because it wasn't for me too when I first thought about it. For me, changes could end bad (*swallowing my saliva), but most of the times it gives us breakthroughs (that is basing from my experience too, wink*). So, what is this 'fashion upgrade' am I talking about? 

Going minimal.
You'll see me doing alot of minimal yet modern look. Most of it are monochromes color scheme, to which I believe some may think that it looks a little boring but wake up people, what's important here is our comfort and efficiency. In my opinion, minimal fashion sense have the most comfortable type of textile and design. I've started investing on basic garments and planned to do garage sale for my other clothing that are not in line with my goal. I hope (and wish me the best!) that this experimental journey will be a successful one. 

Styling Issues.
Most of you probably can't tell that most of the time I do get stresses from trying to mix and match my upper and lower garments. HAHA I know, how can a 'fashion blogger' have that kind of problem? it's hilarious but honestly, I'm no superstar, I'm exactly like you, still in a continuous process of experimenting, exploring, and learning fashion. Back to my issues, most of it are because of the color clashing, patterns mismatch, etc uugghh just pure head ache for me especially when I'm running late. 

I'm not saying that this will be an easy transition for me, but I'm positive I'll not regret it. Cheers!

Bytheway, If you guys haven't followed any of my social media accounts yet, please do that already. I'm on IG, FB, I'm on Google + and Bloglovin too! Please support my bloggin bisyo (vice) by following all, okay? rofl. ❤ ❤ ❤