Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jollibee’s new party theme brings fun up to speed

Fasten your seat belts as the country’s leading fast-food chain revs up the excitement with JolliRace, the newest and coolest addition to the Jolly Kids Party.

With JolliRace, all racetracks lead to a fun, Grand Prix experience. Boys and girls will have a blast on their special day with balloons, relay games, awesome prizes, and a delicious cake prepared to give them a birthday party set at full speed.

Jollibee, Yum and Popo will thrill party guests in this one-of-a-kind celebration. All these, plus Jollibee langhap-sarap favorites Chickenjoy, Jollibee Spaghetti, and Yumburger meals, make the JolliRace Jolly Kids Party a sure winner among kids and kids-at-heart.

An exciting first race
Recently, little ones came for a first whiff of racing fun at Jollibee Vamenta. The launch of the new JolliRace Jolly Kids Party theme welcomed media guests from different medium like Sunstar and ABS-CBN. CDO Mommy Bloggers also joined the event last March 15, 2017.

Everyone enjoyed the series of exciting games as well as the race-themed party hats, loot bags, balloons, prizes and other party favors. 

All in all, it was an epic day at Jollibee, with everyone enjoying great packages of langhap-sarap meals with their little ones. JolliRace guests brought home party goodies to go with their jolly, cool memories.

Recreate the thrill of the racetracks and enjoy the newest and fastest route to a memorable birthday celebration today. Parents booking a Jolly Kids Party can mix and match party elements for 30 or 80 guests with Jollibee’s “Create-Your-Own Package” option.

After choosing from among Jollibee’s four special themes: Jollitown, Hello Kitty, FUN-tastic Factory, and the newest JolliRace, parents can get in the back seat and let Jollibee host the jolliest party experience for their kids. 

The Jolly Kids Party is available for booking in store or set up in chosen locations. For more information on birthday fun that is up to speed, visit

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa as Batman and Batgirl on Son Sebastian's 4th Birthday

Photo: USA Online News

Everyone’s wishing Sebastian Taylor a happy, happy birthday as he turned 4 on Tuesday. His birthday was pre-celebrated on Sunday with a superhero-themed party. Joining the fun were their closest friends and family, including Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom, Tess Holliday and Tom Arnold.

Photo: Hitz 103.7
The highlight of the party? The adorable family. Wiz and Amber have managed to wonderfully co-parent Sebastian. They pulled off the party so nicely, they even decked out as a full Batman and Batgirl complete with masks while Sebastian opted for a Guns N’ Roses’ tee and festive face paint.

A glimpse of Sebastian’s birthday bash can be seen in both Khalifa and Rose’s instagram account. Guests have also posted photos from the party together with their birthday wishes for the now 4-year-old boy. Sebastian gladly blows his three-tiered, colorful PJ Masks-themed cake as seen in one of their Instagram posts.

Photo: Hitz 103.7
One of the videos also show the three happily dancing to songs like Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” and “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” even serenading the crowd with his too-cute rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock.” Because even Christmas songs are allowed during birthdays, you know! :)

Rose divorced the rapper in 2016 but the two are able to co-parent their child without any problems. “Wiz and I are family and we will be family for the rest of our lives for Sebastian,” said the model and social-media star.
Belated happy birthday to Sebastian and congratulations to Wiz and Amber for the successful birthday party. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fashion Trends That Could Harm Your Babies

This is not WebMD
Hello mommies, I'm no expert nor a perfect mom - obviously I'm just a person who's into style/fashion niche and an actual hands-on mommy, altogether. The reason why I love exploring style and fashion firstly because (in my own opinion), it will make me look less like a homeless woman #lol; secondly, It's my way to express myself - like it's a form of art. That being said, I would never compromise the safety of my precious little one in the name of trends or fashion. So, for stylish mothers out there, here are some of that trends that you should consider ditching for the sake of your beautiful babies. Just a quick disclaimer though, this information are basing from my own observation and common sense (logical thinking). These are stuff that are not popularly discussed but somehow felt like I need to share my thoughts about it. Items below are not in particular order, let me know if you have anything to add because I'll be more than glad to add it up on this list.

When handling our babies try avoiding any jewelries made from metal materials especially with pointy designs. It could cut their delicate soft skin so easily. I'm talking about necklaces, bracelets or even rings. If your wedding ring(s) have that diamond stone as its centerpiece, try considering keeping it away temporarily. Better safe than sorry mums!

Blouses (especially with front designs using plastic sequins or stones).
We all know that it's advisable to carry our baby close to us therefore the reason why we should avoid blouses with potentially dangerous hard materials that could scratch, cut or irritate their super soft skin. I recommend blouses with comfortable textile such as cotton.

Long nails.
I can see mommy celebrities who are claiming to being a hands-on-mother but awkwardly rocking long nails. I wonder how they handle their little ones with it? I can't even type properly with long nails! I'm not against getting nails done with nice nail polishes (although there is one thing to watch out for which I'll tackle after this one). For me personally, it's fine - but long nails can definitely harm our babies at any point. I remember combing my son's bangs (using my fingers), sweeping them to the side of his forehead where I accidentally poked his eye. I felt so bad but oddly grateful for keeping my nails short because the damage could be alot worse.

Chipped nail polish.
If we worry about giving our child commercialized, non organic stuff to our kids due to toxic concerns then don't hand them food with that chipped colored nails. You may wonder why? We all know that nail polishes are made of chemicals that are absolutely harmful to us. And we all know that sooner or later that nail polish will break then eventually its no longer there. Ever wonder where all those tiny colored bits gone? I think you know that you may be leaving those toxic bits here and there after going through them with your hands and it is worrisome when a little of those nasty stuff gets into your food (while preparing it) which you and your kids will consume. My advice: once its started to break apart, remove the product completely off your nails with nail polish remover then re-apply with a brand new coat if you wish.

Strong perfume's scent / or even lotions.
Newborns have delicate and sensitive nasal passages down to their lungs which with any harsh smelling vapor or scent could put their lives in danger. Imagine baby wrapping your helpless infant unto your chest with suffocating strong scent sprayed all over that area, like seriously; sometimes even grownups can't stand weird smelling perfumes, right? if smelling could already harm them, then you don't want them sucking that lotion coverage (composed of lead, petroleum other toxic ingredients) off your breasts. Consider skipping this two items as long as you carry your baby or breastfeeding them.

Lipstick / Make-up.
I love wearing make up when going out. However, I make sure that whenever I'm wearing it, I'll try not to do skin to skin contact with my baby at areas where make up products are applied. Not because I worry that he might ruin my 'contouring' effort or what #lol, What worries me if I'll compromise is that whatever product I use might irritate his skin or he might get an actual taste of that toxic application; therefore, no to kissing him on his cheek or lips with my lipstick on.

Hair treatments.
I always wanted to keep a long shiny straight hair which explains my frequent visits at a hair salon. The problem maintaining hair that's perfect is the amount of toxic substance I have to deal with. Now, if this kind of treatment is already a red flag to adults' health then how much more to babies? The product could harm us and our kids by just smelling it alone, when having it inside our system it could be dangerous. Hair treatments such us hair straightening, hair curling, hot oil, hair spa, hair coloring, and whatnot. My advice to mommies with little babies is to compromise hair treatments. If you have to get your hair done, just make sure your child won't be able to smell or get anywhere close to it. Hair should be neatly tucked away from getting to babies' face.

Carrying our newborns around can be challenging at times especially when walking on big rocky terrain or on a slippery floor, climbing up or even going down stairs is no joke. How on earth can you convince me that walking in heels can make your experience any easier? Let's face it, it is impossible to keep our balance in high heels while carrying our babies therefore I encourage every mommies with newborns to temporarily forget about high heels until such time where your child can walk on his own.

Try sharing this to any hands-on mommies who are also into fashion trends; just like you and me *grin* This information might also be useful for first time mommies with newborns. Well, some mommies may have different opinion about everything - to say the least - but that's fine. Nevertheless, I encourage you to try to open your mind to this thing we call wisdom. Like seriously, it breaks my heart when I see kids suffering because of parents' ignorance. It's okay to be super protective or critical when it comes to our child - believe me folks, it will go a long way. There you go, basically this post is just a simple reminder about keeping your child away from harm, we don't stop there because there's so many things we still need to learn in order to master the craft of being a responsible parent(s). Remember, our children's well being should be our only ultimate focus. We can do it and Cheers to us!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Liz Fashion House Lookbook: Night Blues

Night Blues Lookbook.
Because of the hat that I borrowed from my husband that night. It gave me that drama I needed for the outfit. Sure, you can always rock men's hat - if you want. My minimal look for today are with Buttoned up blouse and high waisted pants. Somewhat vintage but absolutely comfortable, that's all I can say. 

How To Style Minimally.
My key pieces of dressing up minimal is my top garments, pants and a wrist watch. Yes, you heard read it right about the watch. Lately, after deciding to stay minimal with my style, I started to collect classic-designed watches. To tell you the truth, it doesn't have to be the expensive kinds - as long as it has the basic design with basic monochrome scheme. Plus, I couldn't help but noticed that majority minimalist icons that I 'follow' consistently rocking watches at most of their lookbooks at the same time keeping fashion jewelries as minimal possible. 

Slipper Person.
Regarding my footwear, I am very picky when it comes to sneakers or shoes (even doll shoes) because usually I'll get blisters out of it and painful toe nails; even with the pricey ones. That is why I don't invest on shoes although it is really an ideal thing to do for fashion/style blogger like me. Oh well, better stick to what I'm comfortable with. Besides, (to be super realistic) tropical country doesn't gives us frost bites - so, no need for a a full coverage footwear. To sum it up, I came to a conclusion that I'm not a sneaker person after all but for this outfit I made an exception; besides it's the 'comfort plus' sporty shoes.

High waist pants: H&M
Buttoned-up white blouse: Ororama

Hat: SM Accessories (Men's)

Bag: Vera Wang
Watch: Parfois
Shoes: Payless

Trends of colors and different prints.
In my opinion, the best thing about being a minimalist when it comes to style is; you don't have to feel the pressure about achieving the color or printed pieces trends. Why? Well it is because basics will never go out of style wether in color or design aspect. 

Night Blues is just something I can think of to be able to talk about sadness.
I always wanted to tackle about this topic about being depressed. I was so upset about what I saw from social media and news that people are opting suicide to escape hurtful reality. We can't really blame or judge these beautiful souls because I strongly believe with correct information about this battle and the right guidance is the way to outsmart this emotional negativity. 

This is one of those sad story that I find quite moving. I know that everybody are going through some kind of pain and struggles somehow but there are some type of individuals with personality who sometimes with or without reason tends to dwell on that emotion a little too deep. If you think you belong to this type, I encourage you to find a support group and talk. Everybody deserves a meaningful life despite our flaws and our struggles. 

P/S: I am interested to know how my readers cope up with sadness or depressing situations, can you do that by leaving it on my comment portion? Thanks!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Your Favorite Hotel With Traveloka

My beautiful family

Exciting Proposal
While we were enjoying our dinner one night, my husband brought up a proposal. I bet you are thinking about a romantic ending but this is way better because this is about having an actual vacation. When you are a work-at-home mom (when getting a leave isn't an option) plus a hands-on parent(s) of a super tot, I tell you...vacation (even a short one) could be as exciting as wedding proposals, you know! #lol getting away from the city for a few days is really the kind of treat I've been wishing for quite some time already. 

At Dahilayan Forest Park, sometime last year.

Travel Where?
I planned on traveling to somewhere peaceful and close to nature which is free from all kinds of pollution of the city. Right away, we both knew that Dahilayan (which is close to the famous Del Monte plantation) is the perfect place for our quick vacation. Another good thing about this spot we've chosen is that it's the closest getaway from where we are located, roughly around one to two hour travel only - not bad at all.

Amazing App
To be honest, one thing that pushes us to pursue this travel is actually with the help of Traveloka. When Tyrone (my husband) and I agreed on the dates, we immediately booked the perfect hotel room by using this blessed app. All the booking process are simplified and made easy with just a few taps of our fingertips. It could be a different story if we have to go through it manually - believe me, vacation never happen that way. Since I highly recommend this app's efficiency, I think it would be a great idea if I’ll go ahead and show you how I did it.

First thing first, you need to download Traveloka app from your phone. It is available for both IOS and android devices which also means that it is downloadable for most smartphone users. Oh bytheway, don't forget to sign up and add your banking card's info to start booking.

1. This is what you'll be looking at - upon opening the app. Please bear in mind that what I'm walking you through is just the process of booking a room. You can do a million things with this app! Now, tap on that 'Hotel' button.

2. Right away, you'll get this page where you need to input all the important details. It's okay to find some information filled up, what you're seeing are their default settings.

3. Tap on 'Destination' where you'll have an option to select 'Hotels Near You' (bear in mind folks, please turn on your 'location' on your phone to be able to do this properly) or you can search on the preferred hotel by typing it in that search box.

4. Next, tap on the 'Check-In Date' where you will have to pick a date of your stay. No need to panic when you can't highlight more than 1 date because that option will be accomplished on the following step.

5. Now, tap on 'Duration' tab where you'll have an option to select the days you'll be staying at that hotel. Duration option is from 1 night to 15 night(s).

6. Tap on the 'Total Guest(s)' tab where you can choose the number of people who's coming with you. Option is up to 30 guests.

7. Tap on the 'Room(s)' tab and select the number of room(s) you wish to book. When it gives an option to click on 'Search' button, go ahead.

 8. It will bring you to the details of the hotel and when you want to get a room from that hotel then keep an eye on the 'Select Room' button on the lower right corner to choose the type of room you have in mind. 


9. To complete the booking process, just tap on 'Continue' button all the way until payment is done.

I hope all you travel junkies (and traveler wannabes alike *wink) will find this app useful and helpful on your next travel bookings' experience. On the side note; I find its user interface absolutely neat, amazing graphics plus user friendly. 

Wow, I am already excited for our vacation time this upcoming month at Dahilayan where I can spend quality and memorable time with my family, I somewhat owe it to Traveloka. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

My Valentine's Day Gift Idea: ProSource Virgin Coconut Oil Products

For all lovebirds out there, I am confident that this love month is one of the most exciting day of the year because it is in fact the kind of day where we can somehow show or express our love to people we care and love. For me, it's a cool fact that it has been almost like an international tradition where nearly every nationality or religion celebrates. To those shy folks who kept wishing to be a little romantic or loving, be timid no more! Because on February 14th you all can definitely use it as an excuse to show what you truly feel about them.

One way of showing your sweetheart how much they meant to you is maybe by taking them out to dinner at an amazing restaurant, or even a stay-cation at a nice hotel, while for others - giving out gifts. If you plan on giving her/him an ideal gift, I personally suggest health and beauty products. Just to be frank, this is a sponsored post but everything is written basing from my own experience of using it.

Why virgin coconut oil products (also popularly known as vco)?
Do you know that this stuff is a high demand product and are exported all over the world. Demands are growing each year because every health conscious individual around the globe are totally sold out with the benefits of this amazing oil and you should too. While there are so many health and beauty products we can find in the market, I would really encourage you my readers to support local products/brands as it will somewhat boost our economic condition and on top of that, we have the most authentic and organic vco. You can certainly enjoy the full vco benefits by consuming our very own with no side effects. For those who are new to vco,  just a little trivia; it can be taken internally by drinking the oil itself or making it as one of your cooking ingredients. You can check out the positive effect of this product from ProSource articles. It is also an amazing product to apply externally, same thing when applying an essential oil on your face, body and hair. There's so much health benefits you can get out of this oil and it makes a lot of sense if you give it to someone you care and love. Don't you agree? ❤

Unisex Item.
No need to worry if the product will fit him/her, because health and beauty products are unisex thing. Yes, you can skip the headache of trying to figure out the best stuff for her/him because i'm pretty sure that they will love it. Well, unless he/she asked for a specific item then otherwise it should be a great one.

Other ProSource Products.

You will not go wrong giving a beauty soap to your special someone. This not just an ordinary beauty soap; this is a vco, an organic - a high quality soap with an impressive packaging. I super adore this product because it gives me the right moisture feel plus I get fairer skin tone every time using it, believe me - it's just mind blowing.

Calming oil.
This newest product from ProSource ('magical' ointment I call it - lol) is made of all good stuff such as vco, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus and menthol. We know that stress is number one cause of illness so it is best to minimize it as much as we can. Well to say the least, I was a little skeptical when I saw its product details "soothes all kind of stress and discomfort..." but after trying it my self,  I've changed my mind. ❤ Always a good idea to give it a try.

With this super products, you probably think that you'll have to break the bank - haha! but will I surprise you if I say that it comes with affordable prices? I wouldn't recommend expensive valentine's gifts because it's better to be wise in spending since consumerism can be a little too evil if you're not careful. So, yes... ProSource products is not only the best but also affordable. You can get it at any Watsons stores nationwide.

Lose Weight.
I know some of my mommy friends who are desperately seeking easy and fastest way to shed some weights, however - It is kinda scary to know that some could risk their health condition in the long run. sad! So when I researched about vco, this product can actually help you do that without any negative side effects. Therefore, all I can say is that this is the safest way to slim down.

Like Prosource FACEBOOK PAGE and follow their INSTAGRAM account. For more accurate information about their products, head over to their ProSource WEBSITE.

I just hope that this post will help you decide what to surprise your beloved on Valentine's Day. Anyhow, just bear in mind; No matter what you will give, make sure it is sincere and out of love. okay? *big smile

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


As we all know, living in a tropical climate means we only have sunny and rainy days. Although we all been dreaming of spring time or snow, well bad news is... that's not going to happen. But wait a minute, if we look at the global warming situation, I think there's a tiny bit of chance actually! Haha just messing with you. Imagine me wearing giant fur faux and leatherette mittens on the street of kagayan de oro city, that's cray!!

Another Intro.
So remember when I told you ladies about wearing realistic outfit for holidays? This outfit was intended for holidays, unfortunately I was busy with everything (blame motherhood). Anyhow my friends, January has been a little chilly too (due to rain) so I think why not? right? A little reminder though to breastfeeding mommies, my opinion - again, layering will be a little bit tricky for you. My suggestion, try to experiment more on button up blouses because basing from my own experience about nursing my little boy, buttoned blouses (especially cotton ones) are the comfiest piece both for me and baby plus it is stylish too.

I encourage to base your layering with comfortable textile such as cottons because even though most days are rainy days, it might get warm at a certain point of the day. But if it gets really cold, you can layer another garment like cardigans or any nice jacket.

If you've been following me on IG, I'm sure this oxford shoes looks pretty familiar to you. lol I recently bought these beauties from a thrift store at Pagadian city (which is about 8 hours from where I'm writing). I had a blast - shopping for second hand gems at their market with sisters and cousins.

The New Office Coworking Space.
I adore this place. I knew that I'm going to love the place when I first saw it online. I was so relaxed by the aesthetic of the their interior and their color scheme. Oh, just an 'fyi', this is not a sponsored review - After approaching the owner of this blessed office, right away he gave me the green light to use their place for this shoot. I'm not gonna lie, that young lad - the owner himself, he is so nice and gwapo. *wink*

...and, who wants unlimited coffee? they make sure that you'll have an infinity moments with caffeine while hanging out (working your mind out ) at their office. So neat! Visit their Facebook Page for more details.