Saturday, November 26, 2016

Looking Forward For Changes.

Why all of the sudden?
I've mentioned it on my previous blog post about the time where I did some 'pilgrimage' with fashion. haha! well, joke aside; lately, I realized that I need style upgrade. Don't get me wrong, we all have different concept of an ideal 'fashion upgrade'. And it's okay if you don't find this 'upgrade' thingy exciting for you, because it wasn't for me too when I first thought about it. For me, changes could end bad (*swallowing my saliva), but most of the times it gives us breakthroughs (that is basing from my experience too, wink*). So, what is this 'fashion upgrade' am I talking about? 

Going minimal.
You'll see me doing alot of minimal yet modern look. Most of it are monochromes color scheme, to which I believe some may think that it looks a little boring but wake up people, what's important here is our comfort and efficiency. In my opinion, minimal fashion sense have the most comfortable type of textile and design. I've started investing on basic garments and planned to do garage sale for my other clothing that are not in line with my goal. I hope (and wish me the best!) that this experimental journey will be a successful one. 

Styling Issues.
Most of you probably can't tell that most of the time I do get stresses from trying to mix and match my upper and lower garments. HAHA I know, how can a 'fashion blogger' have that kind of problem? it's hilarious but honestly, I'm no superstar, I'm exactly like you, still in a continuous process of experimenting, exploring, and learning fashion. Back to my issues, most of it are because of the color clashing, patterns mismatch, etc uugghh just pure head ache for me especially when I'm running late. 

I'm not saying that this will be an easy transition for me, but I'm positive I'll not regret it. Cheers!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Thank you heavens for gorgeous cafes in Cagayan de oro city and Maison de Bonbon without a doubt is currently sitting at the very top of my 'most lovely cafe' list.

Why Renaissance?
For the past couple of months, I was keen on researching about revamping my fashion sense. *cringe. Apparently, every fashion influencers are echoing the same thing - over and over again. Be yourself and wear what you love, trends are just guides. And because of that blessed 'pilgrimage' I had with world of fashion, I am completely aware now that I have a wardrobe full of rubbish. This motivation I'm having lately also encourages me to start investing not just money but also time on the area of my health. Because of that, I titled my motivation for change (or whatever you call this drive) my own little 'Renaissance' period. 

Why Renaissance? Again please?
I know the word is a little overrated for my silly point but hey, it matches my theme! European setup, dramatic will for change, revival for aesthetic, celebrating arts and beauty, and the likes. You know what I mean. *wink* lol

I am so excited to introduce you my lovely readers about this brand. I mentioned about investing more on health beneficial products or activities, Well, It is kinda awful to imagine that; every time I washes my hair, my head will be soaked with poison. The truth is, I've read health articles about the downside of shampoos and hair conditioners but honestly who cares? right? Commercialized shampoos are cheaper or if not, we are totally sold out at the hair professionals' recommendations that we are constantly bombarded with (through tv ads, social media platforms, billboards, etc). But you know what? It's best and it's not too late (for you and me) to start making healthy choices. Don't you think? ❤

  As much as possible, we strive on eating organic meals because we already know the negative result of eating too much food with high toxins level such as canned goods. Well, I think we can apply the same principle with our skin and hair. Feed your skin and hair with natural oils or enzymes and I'm pretty sure the result will not disappoint you. HAIRFOOD CO. is assuring its customers only natural, nature inspired hair products - in fact, you can even call it 'true food for your hair'. Bon appetit! ❤

You can check out their amazing and quality products through their website or at their Facebook page. Today I'm going to introduce their Sunflower Oil which they captioned as 'Miracle in your hands!', With so many benefits? Yup yup, I think I'm gonna agree with them. Below are some of my favorite remedies. Honestly, I can't wait for my own #HealthyHairDays and healthy skin journey. I'll probably tackle more of their products on a separate article. If you want me to do that, please let me know by leaving a comment below. ❤

Renaissance Look
All that you see is just a mini dress and button-up long sleeves below it. I can't recommend this look for nursing mommies simply because there's no easy access to the chest area. In my own opinion, nursing moms will find hard time with layerings, you can skip this look. For the next blog posts, I'll be sharing layering type of looks since it's kinda appropriate with the season. Don't worry folks, I'll stay relevant, only realistic looks that is fitting with our climate. Although I really want to wear leatherette mittens and faux fur, HAHAHA! it's just ridiculous - end of story. 

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Special thanks to my squad for this awesome pictures, two superhumans with amazing skills and talents - Maggie Guangco and Anthea Verdadero! Cheers to excellent work you guys!! 

Monday, November 14, 2016


First of all, I want to thank you everybody for joining this humble giveaways of mine. I am blessed to have such a supportive friends and social media followers! Although I really want everybody to win, sadly I only have 3 items to share. #lol I hope next year there's more.

Without wasting any time, let's go straight to the winners. I'm using a random picker tool to select the winners so basically what I'm trying to say is, this is not a biased draw.

CONGRATS once again! weee!! hope you ladies will love the Parfois beauties. If you're the winner(s) contact me about the meetups/ about how to claim your prizes. Don't be sad if you're not one of them, I'd love to do more giveaways if you leave your comments below. Maybe you ladies will be able to convince me to do another one soon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Howdy Lovelies? Hope you guys are having a pleasant day. wheeeww!!!  I'm so thrilled about doing this giveaways thing (after so-so-many delays which I rather not to discuss it here) lol. I just want to let you know that last July, it was my Liz Fashion House' 3rd year anniversary. So I thought, it would be nice to just pay it forward, nothing fancy but something that could cheer up my followers abit. I want to give my Instagram and facebook page a little love by focusing the mechanics on that social media platforms, so get your IG and FB accounts ready for this one. yay!

I'm also thankful for so many reasons which I'll discuss it abit below ⇩ ⇩ ⇩. However, if you wanna skip the 'mushy' part, go straight to 'Giveaways Mechanics'.

Thankful Items.
  1. Liz Fashion House has been up on that world wide web for 3 years. Originally, Liz Fashion House was only a subject of my 'experimental purposes' blog, which only then I realized that I am actually 'into' this niche when I decided to give my readers - quality articles (because they deserve it ♥). Well, to be honest at first I thought I would only last for a year with this one. 
  2. Through God's grace, goodness and faithfulness; I was able to raise a healthy and beautiful toddler. Never been so exhausted or stressed out in my whole life after having him but ironically at the same time he's the only creature who could make me smile even at my downest time. He's my daily dose of happiness, Thank you Jesus for this blessing ❤
  3. Freedom of doing things I love doing. I know the word 'freedom' isn't popular (except for kids with strict parents, maybe? no idea.) but I grew up in a place where my opportunities and freedom are limited because of my citizenship status. Today I'm thankful I'm here and there's future ahead of me, I'm talking about the bright ones! If you think your life sucks, please don't be - people with less freedom sucks more, believe me - I've been there.
So yeah, that's basically what this giveaway is all about. Gee, that was not short, sorry folks! rofl

Giveaways Mechanics.
Without further a-do, let's move on to the prizes. I call it ' Parfois Giveaways' simply because all of the adorable prizes are from Parfois, my favorite boutique.Win one of these beaut with just a few simple steps, you can join my giveaways using either IG or FB. Now, how about joining the giveaways with both fb and ig accounts? Needles to say, more chance of winning. (wink)


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3 winners will be determined through miniwebtool's raffle tool so what are you waiting for? Deadline will be on November 14th, so come on and join the giveaway!

1st Prize, peach arm candy and white/pink/peach crystal dangling set. 

2nd Prize minimalist dangling, my favorite thing! I have my own pair of this design.
3rd prize, semi precious gem arm candy

Important guidelines to remember: 
  • Only valid to people basing in Cagayan de Oro City
  • No return, No exchange policy
  • Not for sale

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Top 8 Trends Amazing On Mommies

Aloha There!
Hello loves! This is about 2016 trends mostly popularized by youngsters and absolutely perfect for mommies too. Let's just hope that these trends will last up to year 2017 because seriously, the items that I'll be mentioning are not just trends per se, comfort and flexibility are also the fashion factor that we all will love. I know that we often wonder if we could really pull off trendy pieces yet look good without having to be called 'trying hard' mommies! sigh*. But no worries mommies because the truth is, it's really rare to hear people discouraging mommies to explore modern trends but just in case there are unkind people telling you stuff; don't let their words shape you, Okay? now, heads up! :) let's move on to our topic.

Sling Bags / Shoulder Bags
I was once a lady who would stash the whole house inside my bag {lol Lol}. You know right away that she's a mom to a newborn or a toddler, if you could spot a huge baby bag. The perks of having this outrageously huge baby bag is that, I can borrow some space for my essentials too and it's easier since that baby bag rides on baby's stroller. Now, with that - I have no excuse to bring another big purse just for my wallet and phone which is my answer for what is important if you should carry shoulder bags. Plus, they are light-weighted and super trendy.

Exempted: Mommies who doesn't carry baby bags anymore. {haha!} Cringe*

To Get Similar Item: For affordable finds try checking out Sophie Paris Philippines, Kristine Boutique at Limketkai Mall pr at any Payless branches.

For me honestly, this is another time saving and comfortable piece. You can go out out every other day with just overalls as the base piece for the outfit. For an example - day one: plaid with overalls, you can wear it with sporty shoes. Day two: sleeveless with overalls, wear it pointy heels for a more girly look...and there are more great ideas you can get from the 'world wide web' about how to style up this piece.

Exempted: For real frugal mommies, because it is quite a pricey for just a piece of garment however, it is really a trendy piece and it go a long way.

To Get Similar Item: Terranova at Limketkai mall, Cotton On at Centrio mall or for a cheaper option, try local thrift stores or 'ukay-ukay' stores around divisoria.

White Sneakers
Of course! Anybody can wear a pair of sneakers. you can pick any comfy sneakers but personally my favorite -- white sneakers or white sports shoes for the sporty and trendy look. In ancient days {I mean not so long ago} we only could pair these with sporty outfits but today we can even wear it with long dresses!

Exempted: If you don't find it comfortable wearing shoes - no matter how many times you tried, it's okay.

To Get Similar Item: Payless Store, Adidas or Nike stores either at SM, Limketkai or Centrio mall. I've noticed, some sports boutiques also displays (maybe) a handful of sneakers collections you choose from. Cheaper means? you can try lurking it out at Cogon (wink*). Can't really assure the quality of the cheaper kinds.                 

Mom Jeans
These pair of trousers are like the trendiest thing for 2016. 'Mom jeans' is back and it is really cool to own at least a pair of it. As you can see, its high cut design will easily tuck away the tummy part, all the scar, extra skin, underwear, will be neatly covered by it. Security and confidence in any movement even when wearing that bad-ass crop tops. The loose design will help us to move more freely and flexible. Although to some, it doesn't look sexy but that's the beauty of mom jeans! You don't have to show off curves or skin to prove you're hot, right? 

Exempted: pregnant women, of course. Tucking in your baby bump is not a good idea actually a stupid idea.

To Get Similar Item: Well, honestly have not seen anything similar to momjeans at local boutiques any yet. kinda saw it in a few 'ukay-ukay'an in divisoria but you really have to hussle into their ukay-ukay jungle. You could also try looking for it at Cotton On, however can't give any assurance to that. Unfortunately, locals don't find it exciting with mom jeans so I assume when there's no demand, there's basically no supply.

If you ask me, I would say - aside for being trendy this piece also saves you from wasting your time about 'mix-match'(ing) your upper and lower garment. My favorite part, nothing beats an efficient style plus comfort!

Exempted: If you can't control your rebellious bladder, you'll be super frustrated the hassle you'll get.

To get similar item: You can find it in almost every boutique either in shopping malls or at divisoria. For you who prefer online shopping or if you're a plus size mommies, Zalora offers many selections for you.

Boyfriend's Shirts
No need to literally look for T-shirts that are labelled as 'boyfriend shirt' to achieve the look. We can definitely be a little creative by getting just larger size than what we would usually get. Large T-shirts aykayay (a.k.a) boyfriend's shirts are comfortable and trendy. Pair it with leggings or shorts even denim trousers, accessorize (maybe wear a cool shades, right?) and rock the right pair of footwear, you'll look awesome. <3  and oh - one thing though, try folding your shirts arms for more stylish look.

Exempted:  Everybody can totally wear shirts bigger than their usual sizes. why not? :)

To get similar item: There's one retail store in limketkai, the one between Limketkai mall and Robinsons. They have bunch of brand-new boyfriends' shirt collection. In SM uptown there's SURPLUS and I think you can find some in other malls as well. 
Neutral Colors Nail Polish
You should know by now that nails are also part of the 2016's fashion statement. Personally, I can't resist this trend too because they are just so lovely to ignore. haha. I must say, neutral colors are one of the trend for nail polishes but of course there's more. You see, I love dainty quirky rings: I find it lovely by layering them and so without nail polishes it will not be complete. My personal favorite colors are grey or dark brown. It will make your finger minimally stylish, you can try them too.

Exempted: For health reasons because unfortunately most of our nail polishes out there contains toxic ingredients. That is why, there are nail polish detox sessions for people who kinda addicted to nail arts or nail polishes.

To get similar item: You can find considerably alot of color selections {not necessarily quality stuff} at any Watsons stores. Keep on eye on BYS nail polishes too because they are like super rad, I tell you. For quality pastel colors selections try The Face Shop or Etude House.

Matte Lip Cream
This is the most adorable trend, we pinays quickly embraced this trend without any second thought. I personally think that matte lippies could make our lips look neat and automatically hotter *wink*I myself with a moderately pouted lips has immediately fallen in love with this matte trend because shiny ones makes me look like whatever. We definitely don't want to look like we're eating lechon (filipinos national delicacy) like all the time, that is what you'll get with the shiny glosses. haha. There's matte version that will last for hours without needing to retouch from time to time; For me, it's a win for efficiency and I call it a breakthrough in cosmetics. Imagine this, needing NO retouch every after eating or drinking. The trending few which I adore are Kylie Lip Kit and Colourpop.

Exempted: Try to skip this matte trend if you have seriously chipped or extra dry lips.

To get similar item: Sadly ladies, we can't get any of the popular brands I've mentioned above unless you're willing to pay unnecessarily extra moolah for it which I think a little bit ridiculous. why not trying to make do with what is available to us instead? Which you can easily spot them at any Watsons branches or any local department stores.

Wrap up.
What do you think folks? Do you love the trend just like I do? Comment down below if you agree or if you have any suggestions or more ideas to add regarding the topic. Bytheway, If you guys haven't followed any of my social media's account, please do that already. <3 I'm on IGFB, I'm on Google + and Bloglovin too! Please support my bloggin bisyo (vice) by following all, okay? rofl. <3

Monday, October 31, 2016

CDO Event: Johnson & Johnson's Camp Courage

What to expect from the event?
Johnson & Johnson Philippines was able to organize a positive campaign for youngsters all over the country and so this is basically my 'flashback report'. A few weeks ago, they were here in Cagayan de Oro City, an event called 'Camp Courage' which was a one-day activity packed with fun and exciting series of program that encourages and to inspire teens to seize the moment. On that day also, they're giving away gadgets and generous gift checks through raffle and games which I think every teens shouldn't miss! Although obviously they were really promoting products from Johnson and Johnson like CleanNClear, Modess and Carefree,  I did find it interesting though because somehow they were able to inject positive messages on each of their products, or should I say creative!

Positive Impact
Although I was there for their later program, I could tell it was a successful event and most of the teens stayed even with the heavy rain. This is a good message to highlight over our teenagers versus the popular ones on social media which are a little too melancholic for me such as 'team sawi' (sawi means broken-hearted) or 'hugot'. lol LOL just saying. :P

I love how Johnson & Johnson's idea of making use the popularity of their brand to reach and help younger generation of girls to overcome self esteem issues, get to know more about themselves, discover their gifts and talents through the workshops and activities. Good jobJ&J!

Happy teens enjoying their day posing for the camera

The not-so-teens participants but definitely teen at heart! lol

girls shouting like crazy over this singer, weeewww.
Announcement for their dance contests and raffle winners was also the highlight of the night. 

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